Décoloniser la sociologie – Séance 5

3 février 2022

Lucy Mayblin (University of Sheffield)
« Migration and Colonialism: Frameworks for understanding the present with the past »

Discutant : Andrea Rea (ULB-GERME)

This lecture has three key aims. First, to explain why colonial histories are so important to contemporary migratory phenomena. Second, to describe how the postcolonial and decolonial critiques of modernity can offer a theoretical starting point to undertake research which acknowledges the past in the present, and why histories of colonial radicalisation and their legacies need always to be present within such an analysis. Third, to offer some examples of how contemporary migratory phenomena can be fruitfully understood from this perspective.

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Sarah Demart
Université libre de Bruxelles | Faculté des Sciences Psychologiques et de l’Éducation | Observatoire du sida et des sexualités | STRIGES
Abdellali Hajjat
Université libre de Bruxelles | Institut de sociologie | GERME


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3 février 2022 de 10h à 12h

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Participation libre et gratuite sur inscription: germe@ulb.be